Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Victim Admiring the Criminal

White collar crime is responsible for about 90 percent of the financial losses of American’s taxpayers. These loses are in the billions of dollars and are stolen right under the U.S. governments nose. Who would dare steal from the humble taxpayers of America? The masterminds of these lucrative crimes are the smartest criminals known to the criminal justice system, these criminals are so smart that they can scheme hundreds of middle class Americans out of their money and they will do so without attracting any suspicion or any notice from their victims. These criminals don’t use guns or any from of violence; all they have are degrees from the most prominent universities of the U.S. and close relationships with the men and women who run America’s economy. These white collar criminals are non other then members of Americas so called high class society and they go from millionaires to billionaires by prying off of Americas middle class. Is it hard to imagine that some of America’s elite could be comparable of doing such a thing, already being rich and still stealing just to have more? Well what can I say, open your eyes and realize that the people who get the biggest tax cuts, high class Americans, are the ones stealing from the people that pay the most taxes, middle class citizens. But the craziest part of this reality is that, if caught, they hardly pay for their crimes, in fact they are simply given a slap on the hand and released after a couple months in CLUB FED to enjoy life as a very wealthy American. And even after these people are exposed as white collar criminals they are even admired and seen as model citizens of America by the middle class America, who are the ones affected by this type of crime. The old theorists of crime believed that lack of intelligence was a characteristic of a criminal, but now with what was stated above we can conclude that intelligence is the characteristic, not of a criminal, but of a smart criminal a large chance of successes and a less chance of apprehension.

- Cuauhtémoc El Emperador Azteca


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